Getting Started with Cigar Smoking

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So, you have finally decided to join your friends in the great hobby of smoking a cigar. Your first question is:

What Cigar should I Smoke First?

More than likely for you the first time you try a cigar you do not want anything that is a full-body cigar, but rather a Connecticut wrapper or even an infused cigar. A Connecticut wrapper is lighter in color and usually has a nice mild (mellow) taste that you can enjoy right off the bat. Typically, the Connecticut wrapper will be the most mellow but sometimes the color of the wrapper does not depict the body of the cigar.

Connecticut Wrapper is a Good Choice for Getting Started with Cigars

There are a lot of Connecticut wrapper cigars out on the market today.  At most cigar retailers or cigar lounges, 60% to 70% of their business comes from people who are looking for a mild (mellow) cigar that they can sit back and enjoy and most first-time cigar smokers choose Connecticut wrappers. A few examples of Connecticut wrappers that you might want to start off smoking would be a Leaf by Oscar Connecticut Cigar, or a Drew Estate Connecticut Shade Cigar or an Oliva Connecticut Reserve Cigar all of which are excellent choices for novice cigar smokers.  But those are just a few that come to mind as there are so many great cigar choices available for beginners. Another good piece of advice is to ask your tobacconist retailer what Connecticut cigars they would recommend for you to try out first.

What About Infused Cigars?

Now, let’s get back to talking about an infused cigar. Cigars can also have special flavors such as coffee, cognac, vanilla, chocolate, and the list goes on as there is a growing selection. I’ll be writing more about infused and flavored cigars in a future blog post. Sign up for our mailing list below for regular news and new blog posts.

Try at Least Two Types of Cigars to See What You Like

The hobby of cigar smoking depends on your personal preference and your personal palate. I would also recommend the first time you visit a reputable cigar retailer to purchase your first cigar and I would suggest purchasing at least two different types of cigars to see what you enjoy.

Finding and smoking cigars is a fun trial and error exercise. Most reputable tobacconists will sell you a single cigar so you don’t have to purchase an entire box. Trying out one or two mellow-bodied cigars at a time for the novice cigar smoker is a great way to enjoy and savor your new relaxing hobby, either on your own or with friends, at get-togethers or a cigar lounge.

About the Author

Adam Baumes is the founder of Cut and Light Cigar Lounge in Lexington, Illinois. He’s a veteran cigar smoker of over 10 years and enjoys providing advice to both novice cigar hobbyists and experienced cigar buffs. Adam lives in central Illinois with his three dogs who love the fragrance of cigar smoke.

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